For automotive fans, there are only a few automotive events that gather such a diverse group of people as does TX2K. For years, TX2K has been the event that various drag racing enthusiasts from all across the nation flock to in huge numbers. And the 2019 edition of the TX2K drag racing was no different. For MOMO, this year’s event underlined several important showcases, bringing MOMO racing and street product closer to our fans. The TX2K was held from Thursday – Sunday, March 14-17, 2019 – it includes the Roll Race Nationals, the Night Meet event, access to onsite Dyno on Friday and Saturday for no additional charge and Drag Racing. All at Houston Raceway Park in Baytown, TX.

For MOMO, the lineup consisted of these legendary aftermarket products: Prototipo Heritage steering wheel, Super Grand Prix (Heritage line) steering wheel,  MOMO quick-release steering wheel hub, MOMO Lesmo One seat, MOMO Supercup seat, MOMO SR6 racing harnesses, MOMO Corsa EVO racing suit, MOMO MOD.69 suede steering wheel, MOMO Corsa R gloves, MOMO GT Pro boots, and all three MOMO RF Series rotary formed wheels.

The event featured a modified stripped down 1994 Mazda Miata, featuring a MOMO Prototipo steering wheel. Overall, Houston and Texas MOMO fans got to see some of their favorite aftermarket and racing additions in person, where many went home with a new order of MOMO products as well. Furthermore, TX2K is the event where the who’s who of the aftermarket modding & drag racing scene is always present, and the magnitude of customers, friends and casual fans of our products, pushes us to make an appearance year after year.

For this year’s TX2K we partnered up with our local Houston, Texas authorized dealer, EVS Motors. For years, EVS represented the pinnacle of the aftermarket & luxury car culture in Houston, and in recent months, the dealership has pushed the envelope even further. Helping to get our message across and giving high-performance & luxury car owners the ultimate wheel product in the local area, EVS is the perfect partner to hit such a high-profile event such as this.

You can take a look at the complete media gallery of this year’s TX2K event right below.