Getting to Know MOMO: Sebastian Cuevas

Published On: 03/04/2021

Getting to Know MOMO: Sebastian Cuevas

Published On: 03/04/2021

At MOMO and our parent company, MW Company, the people who work here are as equally important to the business as the products are. From the designers to the engineers, sales to shipping, we count on each role to assist with getting our beloved products into your hands, the enthusiasts, more importantly, your vehicles!

Just like you, MW employees are car enthusiasts, and we not only take pride in the work we do, but the vehicles we own. From time to time we’ll highlight team members from different divisions of MOMO to show you more of what we do behind the scenes, along with shots of our personal rides.

Meet Sebastian “Sebass” Cuevas, a Warehouse Associate from our Southern California facility:

MW: What do you do at MW?

SC: I’ve been here for three years as a Warehouse Associate. Our team is in charge of custom wheel production.

MW: What type of car do you own?

SC: I drive a 2017 Ford Focus ST, the ST1 trim package. What I love most about it is how responsive it is on twists and turns; it handles very well for drivers like me who love to go on spirited canyon runs.

MW: Current mods?

SC: Right now I’m running a JST tune on E30, but I’d like to install some type of crate engine later down the road. For suspension I have H&R lowering springs, and the wheels are 18×8.5 MOMO Catania, from the RF series. I wouldn’t mind adding a widebody kit, too!

MW: What’s a typical day like for you at MW?

SC: I prep raw wheels before they’re machined. This includes checking the wheel specs after machining, QC (quality check) the powder coating, or even assembling multi-piece wheels.

MW: What do you like most about working at MW?

SC: Every day is different, and I see various types of wheel setups and styles. Our team works efficiently to ensure our wheels are produced on schedule and at the highest quality.

If you’d like to join the MW Company team, visit our Careers page to see our current job listings!