MOMO At The 2019 SEMA Show

MOMO Featured Two Separate Booths, Spanning The Entire MOMO Motorsport & Street Product Range

At this year’s SEMA Show, MOMO was represented in two separate booths.  The first one, located in the south hall, showcased a wide variety of motorsport and racing products we make, featured alongside other brands from the MW Company portfolio. In turn, the visitors got a chance to view MOMO steering wheels, racing seats, racing suits and other safety equipment part of our product range, showcased alongside a John Force funny car, a new Lamborghini Urus and several other high-profile aftermarkets builds.

The second booth was dedicated to MOMO Tires. It featured a matte Black Porsche 911 Safari, equipped with a set of MOMO Heritage 6 wheels wrapped in MOMO tires, giving this high-performance RWD machine a perfect blend of handling performance and traction. In turn, it’s no wonder that the MOMO Tires booth saw extensive foot traffic, as everyone was keen on seeing one of the best builds at the SEMA Show in person. Furthermore, the booth showcased several new additions to the MOMO Tire range, where our customers & fans could take a look at MOMO Tires in person, getting a first-hand experience of our products. Furthermore, the MOMO Tires booth also showcased several aluminum alloy wheels, part of our entry-level wheel range.

While the main action was at the SEMA Show itself, in order to give our customers, dealers, and fans a better look at our products, we held a private showing event at the Speed Vegas racing venue. In turn, this gave everyone in attendance a first-hand experience of our products. This included private showings of MOMO racing products & equipment, alongside our alloy and flow-formed wheels & tires. However, it was the real-life testing of the products right there on the racetrack that provided our dealers & customers a first-hand experience of these products in various driving scenarios. Naturally, finger food and good times were also playing a big part and it seemed that everyone had a great time at this event.

In turn, it’s safe to say that dragging everyone away from the tiring SEMA Show booth floor was a success. Hopefully, we’ve provided everyone in attendance with a great experience and we’re sorry we couldn’t give everyone more time at the racetrack. Until next year’s SEMA Show, please grab a look at the MOMO SEMA Show experience right below and see you all next year with even more MOMO products headed your way.