MOMO Livery Porsche 944 Race Car

From PKRacing, an Australian Race Team

Published On: 03/06/2020
MOMO Livery Porsche 944 Race Car - MOMO Heritage 6 Wheels in Satin Black - MOMO MOD. 88 Steering Wheel

MOMO Livery Porsche 944 Race Car

From PKRacing, an Australian Race Team

Published On: 03/06/2020

This Porsche 944 is turned into a proper racecar, thanks to several MOMO racing products & additions made to this car

It is seldom seen that such a wonderful vehicle like the Porsche 944 is turned into a proper racecar. After all, these vehicles never got the attention that’s even remotely comparable to their much more popular 964 and 993 brethren. In reality, the Porsche 944 is a sports car manufactured by German automobile manufacturer Porsche from 1982 to 1991. It features a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup that promised impressive driving dynamics and a lot of fun. However, thanks mostly to it’s rather timid and slow three-speed automatic or the five-speed manual transmission, it never achieved the fame some envisioned for it. The Porsche 944 was produced and sold with a naturally aspirated and turbocharged engine, available in both coupé or cabriolet body styles.

MOMO Livery Porsche 944 Race Car - MOMO Heritage 6 Wheels in Satin Black - MOMO MOD. 88 Steering Wheel


For this Porsche 944, fate had a different idea than to let it be smashed around by teenagers around the block. Coming from Australia, this right-hand-drive version of the vehicle is turned into a proper racecar, thanks to PKRacing, an Australian racing team competing in various events. To give you a bit of history about this race team, here are a few details we got from Paul Kovaceski, the team’s owner right below.

In 2009 I had attended a track day in my 1971 Ford Falcon 500 (AUS version) as it had always been a dream to race. After attending two track days I had been mentored by Chris Muscat at Centreline Suspension (Melbourne, Australia) through purchasing the 944 and modifying the car in preparation for racing. They had provided great support from day 1 by providing their trailer to get the car to the events initially. Over the years my family and a group of close friends (I could probably give Eric Bana a run for his money with the camaraderie that we all have). They have been extremely supportive to assist where they can in getting the car to the track and keep it on there at events. It is always funny when we sit back and think that none of us have come from a background in any automotive fields and it has just been a passion for cars that had made us learn on the fly as we pushed on. After the purchase of the 944, I was baptized by fire in the sense that the car had a blown head gasket and with a shoestring budget an engine rebuild was on the cards. I started moonlighting as a mechanic and worked my way through my first engine rebuild which turned out to be a success ( I still can’t believe that I had rebuilt a Porsche engine for the first rebuild).

I had originally purchased the car in 2010 as a streetcar and has been a labor of love and work in progress since then. In 2018 I had contacted Mitch from MOMO Australia and had built a relationship with him and his team. Then in 2019, we had updated the livery to what is currently presented on the car.

A brief rundown on the trackwork that I and the car have been involved in: In 2012 and 2013 the car was raced in the VSCRC (Victorian State Circuit Racing Championship) for 4 rounds whilst performing minor upgrades.

In 2014 I had entered the car in World Time Attack Challenge which is run by Ian Baker at Sydney Motorsport Park. Whilst running the car at the event the Time Attack bug had bit and it bit in hard. In preparation for the 2015 event, the car had received the aero package and each year after we had worked on items throughout the engine and drivetrain package. In preparation for 2019 we had upgraded the engine from Rod Pobestek the owner of RP968 along with the Garrett GTX3582R but without having time to perform some testing we had decided to play on the side of caution and ran the car on 18lb boost netting 219KW at the rear wheels along with 777NM of torque. We had found the car was running a little out of puff in the top end due to a turbo leak which was identified at the track. We have attended to the issues identified at the track and have some plans in motion for preparation for this year’s World Time Attack Challenge. We are looking at running a couple of test days this year to get the car bedded down and also present it at some car shows along with MOMO Australia.

MOMO Livery Porsche 944 Race Car - MOMO Heritage 6 Wheels in Satin Black - MOMO MOD. 88 Steering Wheel

The car has continually been developed to where it is now. Alongside all the performance parts added to the vehicle to make it race-ready, the Porsche 944 also features several MOMO racing and safety additions, turning it into a full-fledged racecar. These following parts consist of the current setup:

1983 Porsche 944

944 3.0L block with an 8 valve head
Garrett GTX3582R turbo
Twin Turbosmart Comp-Gate 40 waste gates
3″ exhaust

Belhousing from a Porsche 968
Custom Flywheel from Racersedge (USA)
Spec 6 puck clutch
6 speed transaxle from a Porsche 968
KAAZ 1.5 way LSD

KW Motorsport 2-way adjustable coilovers
Racersedge (USA) Front control arms
Solid bushings

Front – 993 Big Black callipers and 304mm rotors
Rear – Factory with

All Aero work from Topstage Composites
Front splitter incorporated to a 924 Carrera bumper bar
Front Cannards
Bonnet vents
V3 Rear Wing including mounts

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