A Nissan NISMO 370Z Z34 Gets Lowered On A Set Of MOMO Anzio Wheels

This Nissan NISMO 370Z Z34 features MOMO Anzio flow formed wheels, a MOMO MOD.69 steering wheel and the MOMO Daytona racing seats

The Nissan 370Z is the sixth-generation of the Nissan Z-car line. It succeeded the Nissan 350Z. The modern-day iteration of the Nissan Fairlady is one of the most overlooked high-performance cars that are available on the market in recent times. We can safely say that most, if not all of the attention that Nissan as a brand acquired in the recent 15-20 years, was due to the Nissan GTR. However, it’s smaller and to a point nimbler brother – the Nissan 350Z and 370Z – were adequately appreciated by the JDM aficionados worldwide. After all, the Nissan 370Z provided a lighter, nimbler, and cheaper alternative to the GTR supercar. And while not as powerful as the supercar challenging GTR, the 370Z also packed a hefty punch.

The Nissan NISMO 370Z Z34 is powered by a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated engine, delivering 350 horsepower and 276 lb-ft (374 Nm) of torque. While it won’t hit the 62mph mark in the unreal time that of the GTR – which does it in 2.7 seconds – it’s still rather fast. The Nissan 370Z will sprint from 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in 4.6 seconds. And thanks to a rear-wheel-drive configuration, lightweight of just 3,232 lb (1,466 kg), the vehicle is considered as one of the best handling driver’s cars out there. In turn, it’s no wonder many of these have been turned into fully-fledged track beasts, ready to challenge their rivals from both Germany and the United States.

Red Nissan Nismo 370Z Z34 - MOMO RF-5C Wheels

This red Nissan 370Z Z34 comes lowered on a set of MOMO Anzio wheels. These wheels feature a classic split y-spoke design. However, with the MOMO Anzio, this modified version of a classic design adds strength and extra rigidity to improve performance. In addition to an emphasis on modern design, the Anzio utilizes a flow-formed inner barrel that reduces weight, improves strength, and allows for large performance breaks systems to be used in order to accommodate the needs of today’s automotive enthusiasts. These wheels are available in 19 and 20-inch sizes. Furthermore, the owner of this Nissan 370Z R34 installed a MOMO Daytona racing seat and a MOMO MOD.69 steering wheel, providing more grip and a better driving position for tight cornering.

The wheels, the steering wheel, and the racing seats can be ordered through our online store right away. However, we suggest that you contact us prior to ordering in order to avoid any issues with wheel fitment or other items. A complete media gallery of this red Nissan NISMO 370Z Z34 is available right below.