Techno Violet Purple BMW E36 M3 with MOMO Heritage 6 Wheels In Bronze

This BMW M3 features MOMO Heritage 6 wheels sized 18×8.5  in the front and 18×10 in the rear with a Metallic Silver finish

Bringing MOMO’s past into the present, the MOMO Heritage 6 wheels feature a modernized classic six-spoke design, drawing inspiration from the MOMO’s first light-alloy wheels that revolutionized the industry back in the 1970s. Today’s MOMO six-spoke wheel is made using revolutionary rotary forged flow forming technology, a manufacturing process that makes our wheels both light and strong. The wheels are made through a unique combination of heat, pressure, and rotation, allowing the dual-way flow forming process to create a rim area with similar strength and impact ratings to forged wheels with a 15% weight reduction over alloy wheels. The MOMO Heritage 6 wheels are available in 17″ and 18″ diameters.  In addition to that, these wheels are custom made to order. This means our customers can choose any five-lug bolt pattern, almost any custom offset, backspace, and any of nine available MOMO custom color options.

Even though there are a lot of other cars we’ve could have added a set of our Heritage 6 wheels, the BMW E36 M3 ticks all the nostalgia boxes for anyone that lived or grew up in the ’90s. It’s simply one of those unmistakable pieces of automotive history that so synonymous with the time it was produced. And while it doesn’t hold that much weight in the collector’s world like, for example, the BMW E30 M3, it’s still one gorgeous piece of machinery from an era where there were numerous gorgeous vehicles being built. For this Techno Violet Purple BMW E36 M3, we’ve machined a set of MOMO Heritage 6 wheels in 18×8.5 sizes in the front and 18×10 in the rear.

Purple BMW e36 M3 - MOMO Heritage 6 Wheels in Gloss Bronze

In addition, these MOMO Heritage 6 wheels feature a Metallic Silver finish. Finally, the brand’s synonymous yellow lettering and a clean center cap logo give the wheels setup the perfect final touch. The wheels are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport tires. These are sized 225/40/18 in the front and 245/35/18 in the rear. A perfect wheel and tire package offering impressive looks and performance.

You can take a closer look at this Techno Violet Purple BMW E36 M3 build, featuring a set of MOMO Heritage 6 wheels in the media gallery right below. Furthermore, if you have any questions regarding ordering a set of our Heritage 6 wheels, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will help you with any size, fitment, or finishing issues you may have and help you order your brand new MOMO Wheels right away.