The 2019 Fuel Fest event was aimed at benefitting the Reach Out Worldwide foundation

Fuel Fest is one of the best car events in South California that one can attend. Held every year, the 2019 Fuel Fest event was aimed at benefitting the Reach Out Worldwide foundation, combining passion & art through cars & music and features rare and exotics. Attendees were able to see numerous official Fast & Furious movie cars, American muscle cars, autocross, JDM imports, live music, great food & a beer garden, awards, giveaways and more hosted by Cody Walker, Supercar Blondie, Tyrese Gibson. The location for the event is another staple of LA’s culture, as the Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA makes for a perfect setting for an event like this.

For this year’s Fuel Fest, MOMO prepared several showcases. Most notably, the automotive fans & casual onlookers got to see the MOMO Heritage 6 wheels & the entire MOMO RF Series wheel collection in the flesh. Furthermore, a red Nissan 370Z, modified with MOMO aftermarket performance parts was displayed. It features products such as the MOMO SR6 Harnesses, a MOMO Daytona racing seat, joined by a set of MOMO RF-5c wheels, a MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel, and a MOMO SK-50 shift knob. In all, it was a great event and we’ve enjoyed spending time with our automotive family. See you all next year with an even bigger splash from MOMO coming up!

A complete media gallery and a video of the event is added right below.