Solid Black Tesla Model S P85 Upgraded With MOMO Barletta Wheels in Matte Bronze

This Model S features a set of MOMO Barletta wheels in a Matte Bronze finish, giving this electric luxury sedan an impressive appeal

The world has seen several takes on electric vehicles, but none were as successful as Tesla with the Model S. What has slowly become the benchmark for EVs, the Model S quickly garnered fame thanks to its performance, range and overall looks. It was this EV that brought usable EVs to the market, allowing both daily commuters and long-distance drivers to fully utilize eco-friendly motoring. And for the most part, the automotive industry has been catching on. However, with the success that the Model S achieved, that meant a number of these luxury electric vehicles are hitting the streets of the world on a daily basis. And for some owners, that meant adding a bit of personal touch that will set them apart from the rest of the parking lot at the local Starbucks. In turn, this owner turned to MOMO for a set of RF-Series wheels to enhance the look of his Solid Black Tesla Model S P85 a bit further.

The vehicle is adorned with a set of MOMO Barletta flow-formed wheels. The MOMO Barletta wheels take MOMO back to its European motorsports roots with a split 10 spoke design. The straight spoke design featured in the Barletta gives the wheel a concave profile while keeping the construction light yet strong. The wheel’s elongated spokes lend themselves well to modern big body luxury sedans and sports cars alike. The Barletta comes in semi concave and deep concave profiles which makes creating a staggered fitment and look that is just right for your rear-wheel-drive car or a “square” uniform look for an all-wheel-drive car easily.

The revised inner barrel is designed to clear large OEM Factory or aftermarket brake kits for aggressive vehicle fitments, allowing the customer to use them in a wide variety of luxury and sports car applications. Built using flow forming technology, the Barletta features a rim area with similar strength and impact ratings to forged wheels with a 15% weight reduction over cast alloy wheels. Perfect addition for a vehicle who needs light wheels to achieve its rather impressive range.

Black Tesla Model S - MOMO RF-10S Wheels in Matte Bronze

These come sized 20×9 in the front and 20×10.5 in the rear. Thanks to a Matte Bronze finish, the wheels look great in contrast to the Solid Black exterior finish of the vehicle itself. Furthermore, owing to their looks to the split ten-spoke design, these wheels look incredible on the Model S. The wheels are available for ordering at authorized MOMO wheels dealerships across the nation. However, if you need any more information about the MOMO RF-Series wheels, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away. Our sales team will provide you with the assistance you need to order a perfectly fitting new set of wheels.

A detailed media gallery of this Tesla Model S P85 with a set of MOMO Barletta flow-formed wheels is available right below.