This 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is built by Grassroots Motorsports’ art director J.G. Pasterjak who competes in SCCA Classic American Muscle autocross, SCCA, and NASA time trials, and specialty events like the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car

This interesting Chevrolet Corvette build is a vehicle you’ll definitely be seeing across the automotive industry media in the forthcoming months. The Corvette Z06 is being built as a featured project vehicle by Grassroots Motorsports magazine. The magazine’s project manager, but also, the Art Director for the publication, J.G. Pasterjak competes with the car in SCCA Classic American Muscle autocross, SCCA, and NASA time trials, and specialty events like the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car. This is where the vehicle will be pushed to its limits, giving a set of MOMO Catania wheels a true racetrack test run.

“We wanted to focus on value with this project,” says Pasterjak. “C5Z06s is one of the best deals going in used performance cars these days. We paid under $18,000 for the 2004 Commemorative Edition, and there’s probably no other way to go faster for less money right now.”
After that initial purchase, Grassroots Motorsports put some effort into making an already great car even quicker and more capable on track. Progress on the build is featured in every issue of the magazine, as well as frequent updates on GRM’s weekly live web broadcast, which aris Wednesday evenings at 9 pm eastern on their Facebook and YouTube channels.

“Most of the effort and development at this point has gone into the chassis,” says Pasterjak. “When you’re starting with 405hp from the factory, more motor is not priority number one.”

To that end, the chassis has been augmented with a set of Ridetech coil-over shocks which provide a wide range of adjustability and do away with the factory transverse leaf springs. All of the factory bushings have been replaced with spherical bearings from AMT Motorsport, and AFE Power motor mounts and diff mount control driveline motion. A Quarter Master single disc clutch and aluminum flywheel shed some weight from the rotating assembly, as well as providing lots of clamping force, future proofing the driveline for power mods down the road. Slowing the car is a set of six-piston front and four-piston rear Wildwood brakes, that have performed flawlessly through several track events with negligible wear.

Blue Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 - MOMO RF-20 Wheels in Silver

“We could never tie these chassis mods together without the right wheel and tire package, though.” says Pasterjak. “We had the parts to keep suspension motion constrained to exactly what we wanted it to do, so we knew we had to get as much tire on the ground as possible. Our typical tire setup utilizes 315/30-18 BFGoodrich Rival S tires in the front and 335/30-18 Rival S tires in the rear. To get the most tread on the ground, you need enough wheel supporting those wide, sticky tires, and a set of Momo RF20s were an easy, and awesome-looking, answer.”
A pair of 18 x 11 RF20s do their work in the front while a pair of 18 x 12 wheels support those wide 335-section BFGs in the rear. “The rear wheels weigh in at less that 26lbs each, and the fronts are even lighter than that.” Pasterjak says. “And with Momo’s ability to custom-spec the wheels to the offset we desired, it was easy to get them to fit over our big Wilwood brakes, and to tuck them up in the fenders as much as possible without rubbing. We had to run a bit of a fender flare in the back to cover the outer part of the tire, but it’s also well over a foot wide, so we’re definitely not complaining.”

Blue Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 - MOMO RF-20 Wheels in Silver

Updates on the car can be seen in each issue of Grassroots Motorsports magazine, and on their website at In the meantime, please grab a look at the gallery of this vehicle in its current state right below. We have more coming! Additionally, the MOMO Catania wheels featured on this 2004 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 can be ordered through our website right away. However, if you’re unsure of the exact fitment and sizes needed for your vehicle, please contact us prior to ordering. Our highly-dedicated sales team will provide you with all the necessary information you need for ordering your next perfect-fitting set of MOMO wheels.