This Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 features MOMO Barletta wheels sized 19×9 in the front and 19×9 in the rear, adorned with a Matte Black finish

There’s not a lot more left to say about the Tesla Model 3 that we haven’t heard already. Simply put, this is currently the hottest mass-produced car out there! And we’re not talking about electric cars, but cars in general. And that says a lot. Right now, there’s a lot of Model 3s running on the streets today and for many owners, that might pose a problem. In turn, they go to aftermarket wheel companies for a customized look, where the owner of this beautiful matte gray Model 3 turned to us, adding a set of our popular MOMO Barletta wheels to his vehicle. The end result is a clean & aggressive-looking Tesla, one which its owner will have no problem finding in a busy California parking lot, riddled with other vehicles of the same kind.

The slim and sleek split ten-spoke design of the MOMO Barletta wheels take us bac to MOMO’s European motorsports roots. In turn, the straight spoke design featured in the Barletta gives the wheel a concave profile while keeping the construction light and strong. Furthermore, the elongated spokes of the wheel lend themselves well to modern big body luxury sedans and sports cars alike. The Barletta comes in a semi concave and a deep concave profile, allowing you to create either a staggered or square fitment for your vehicle, creating a look that looks par with FWD, RWD, or AWD vehicles. The revised inner barrel is designed to clear large OEM Factory or aftermarket brake kits for aggressive vehicle fitments.

Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 - MOMO RF-10S Matte Black Wheels - Platinum Auto Wraps - Saint Paul, MN

MOMO Barletta wheels are built using flow forming technology, featuring a rim area with similar strength and impact ratings to forged wheels, but with a 15% weight reduction over cast alloy wheels of the same diameter and width. In turn, the MOMO RF Series wheels are a perfect addition for electric vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 we have right here.

This particular Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 is rocking a set of MOMO Barletta wheels which are sized 19×9 in the front and 19×9 in the rear. To keep up with the darker theme of this car, the owner went with a Matte Black finish. In turn, the wheel setup works perfectly with the matte gray exterior of the vehicle itself, creating a unique and understated exterior combo. You can order these wheels online right away.

Please grab a detailed look at the media gallery of this Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 right below.