Partners with #Gridlife Music and Motorsports Festival for Release

MOMO’s all new outside seam Corsa R gloves are the latest addition to MOMO’s advanced motorsports safety products specially created for superior driver comfort and safety.  Following closely on the heels of the recently launched MOMO Corsa Evo race suit, MOMO’s Corsa R gloves combine Italian design with the latest in motorsports technology and innovation.

The Corsa R gloves prevent pressure points and abrasions using custom outside stitching and feature a one-piece palm construction to eliminate tight and friction-causing seams. Anatomically correct pre-curved patterning reduces fabric bunching while the zigzag gauntlet closure ensures the gloves stay comfortably in place. The Corsa R gloves also feature a fire retardant tactile treatment providing drivers with superior steering wheel grip.

“The steering wheel is the most intimate connection a driver has with a racecar. The meticulously designed Corsa R strengthens this connection and is the perfect pairing to our world-renowned steering wheels,” said Henrique Cisneros, Chairman of the MOMO Automotive Group.

To celebrate the introduction of the Corsa suit and gloves, MOMO has collaborated with the music and motorsports festival #GRIDLIFE with a limited-run launch version of Corsa R gloves. The custom florescent yellow collaborative gloves will be raffled off to time attack drivers during this weekend’s #GRIDLIFE South festival, tickets available at Fans of #GRIDLIFE can also follow the festival’s various social media channels @GRIDLIFEofficial on Facebook and Instagram for a chance to win a pair.

Handcrafted in Italy, the Corsa R gloves are available in four standard colorways to match the Corsa Evo suit. The white, black, blue, and red Corsa R gloves retail at $164.95 and are in stock now and homologated to FIA’s 8856-2000 and SFI’s 3.3/5 standards . For more details, please visit

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