Super Cup

The MOMO SUPER CUP racing seat is Hans® compatible and approved by the FIA for quality and safety.

The MOMO Super Cup racing seat is a Hans© compatible fiberglass seat. Revolutionary quick-drying *Airnet© material covers the seat’s back insert. Super Cup’s fiberglass seat shell is visible on the rear; the front portion is upholstered in self-extinguishing fabric. Kinder Point on DAYTONA’s seating area keeps the driver firmly in place. Removable double leg cushions enhance support.

Hans© compatible
5 seat belt openings
Side mount
Weight: Standard 8.9 kgs/19.6 lbs | XL 10.2 kgs/22.5 lbs
FIA approved 8855-1999.
Color: Black

Airnet© is the new technical material with incredible transpiration and strength characteristics. With Airnet©, the driving comfort will be excellent, thanks to greater air flow in the seat back and to the most effective moisture permeability.


Shell measurements and width

A B C D E F G H I L M kgs
SUPERCUP 570 540 470 880 400 390 450 / / / / 8.9
SUPERCUP XL 650 610 520 910 450 440 490 / / / / 10.2