Mod. 80

The MOMO MOD 80 racing steering wheel is designed for all types of racing; it is highlighted by seamless design and feel.

The MOD 80 features a molded anatomic rim that is finished in the driver’s choice of premium black leather or black suede. The steering wheel’s three black aluminum spokes surround the wheel’s center yellow MOMO logo. The MOMO MOD 80 racing steering wheel has comfortable thumb grips on its side spokes with two red thumb buttons for a horn or radio.

Available in 350mm
Color: Black smooth leather or black suede with yellow MOMO logo
Pre-drilled (6)

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 2 in
Wheel Diameter


Wheel Dish


Wheel Grip Section

35mm x 26mm

Wheel Coating Material

Black Leather, Black Suede

Wheel Coating Color


Wheel Spoke Color