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As your last line of defense, MOMO's meticulously handcrafted racer underwear seamlessly combines safety and comfort, offering a crucial layer of protection beneath your racing suit. This is where precision meets performance, ensuring that you're safeguarded from the intense heat of racing and equipped with top-quality moisture-wicking materials that prioritize both breathability and safety.

Racing Underwear Technology

MOMO takes the science of fire resistance seriously. Our line of fire-resistant FIA-approved (8856-2000) racing underwear is engineered with utmost precision to create a barrier between you and the extreme heat generated in competition. Crafted from cutting-edge materials, MOMO Underwear ensures your safety without compromising on comfort. MOMO Underwear is built for breathability with 180 gram soft-knit aramid fabric to keep you cool and minimize moisture. Handcrafted in Italy and featuring a flat-seam stitch pattern, MOMO’s underwear alleviates pressure points while protecting from direct heat and fume inhalation.

Underwear Options

MOMO's dedication to safety and style is evident in our comprehensive product line. Our collection includes an array of fire-resistant essentials, ensuring that every inch of your body is protected. From shirts to balaclavas, pants, and socks, MOMO offers a complete range of options. You can trust that each product is crafted with the same precision and commitment to excellence that defines the MOMO brand. We understand that racers come in various shapes and sizes, which is why our underwear collection is available in a range of sizes in both black and white base layers allowing you to choose the color that seamlessly integrates with your racing suit and racing helmet.