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Under the concept of “Policy” it is meant the company mission in matter of Quality, Goals and Organization.



The “Policy” represents a fundamental point of reference to all persons actively involved in the MOMO organization and to all other parties that act out of the organization and maintain a relationship with it for various reasons and in various ways.

It must make understand to all participants, in relation to their own role and responsibilities, the objectives and principles that inspire every action in the organization in the light of their implementation.

The document of the policy illustrates the MOMO “mission” and the related reasons, the firm willing of the top Management to pursue the goals, the awareness of the targets set, the responsibility to be taken.

The policy is the “chart” of the Organization.

For this reason we invite you to read it with attention: it also talks about you.



A combination of refined Italian style, quality of a long-standing tradition, historical experience in the sector, attention to renewed needs in a constantly changing socio-economic context at the service of all those who never stop wanting something unique.



MOMO is convinced of the importance of operating according with a Quality Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, in order to ensure adequate strategic development of the activity, from the design to the production aiming at ensuring full satisfaction for its customers through the following objectives:

–  Satisfaction of customer and other interested parties expectations, even if not expressed

–  Compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in every country

–  Compliance of its products with the requirements of suitability for use, performance, safety and reliability throughout their life cycle

–  Control of products and work phases by all internal resources made available by the system

–  Implement a supply network that allows all parties involved to satisfy their needs

–  To achieve these purposes, Momo has prepared its own Quality Management System with the involvement of the whole staff and constantly verifies its application in the entire working process.


In order to achieve above targets the general Management commits itself to:

– Involve the whole staff through a constant training and information activity;

– Make available a targeted structure for this objective;

– Provide appropriate tools and resources in line with MOMO targets;

– Apply a constant control on the correct application of the operating rules prescribed in the Quality Manual and related procedures;

– Set periodic targets addressed to all levels of the organization and constantly evaluate the results, in order to guarantee the target to be achieved and, if needed, to determine due actions to pursue a continuous improvement of the activities;

–  Periodically revise the quality policy including possibly needed target-oriented adjustments

–  Periodically analyse the goals with the aim at a continuous improvement of the activity.



Risk management is a fundamental element of MOMO’s corporate policy. The risk analysis starts from in-depth knowledge of the context and the interested parties involved, and then identifies the threats and opportunities inherent in each organizational process. This analysis led to the identification of areas for possible improvement of the controls to be applied to mitigate the risk. The specific areas are the following:

–  Need to optimize resources in order to improve customer service levels and reduce threats arising from aspects such as a concentration of procurement from suppliers on the one hand and the concentration of sales volumes on a limited number of customers on the other.

–  The need to work on a range of products that alongside the traditional MOMO branded product is an expansion of the REDS brand and the “RF Rotary Formed” production line, always bringing new technical and stylistic contents.



Globalization has led us to operate in a supply network that is no longer only national but also international, confronting ourselves with the different regulatory realities of local work. In this context, MOMO places at the basis of its collaborations the respect for the fundamental human rights as a discriminating element of its choices from which conditions of forced and child labor are firmly banned. It is also verified that in the production process no substances harmful to health and environment are used and all conditions for the protection of the individual safety of the personell is guaranteed in all functions.

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