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Under the concept of “Policy” it is meant the company mission in matter of Quality, Goals and Organization.


The “Policy” represents a fundamental point of reference to all persons actively involved in the MOMO organization and to all other parties that act out of the organization and maintain a relationship with it for various reasons and in various ways.

It must make understand to all participants, in relation to their own role and responsibilities, the objectives and principles that inspire every action in the organization in the light of their implementation.

The document of the policy illustrates the MOMO “mission” and the related reasons, the firm willing of the top Management to pursue the goals, the awareness of the targets set, the responsibility to be taken.

The policy is the “chart” of the Organization.

For this reason we invite you to read it with attention: it also talks about you.


The finest Italian style, the quality of a long-standing tradition, the experience of competitions, the technological innovation in the respect of environment for all those who want to have something unique.


The General Management of MOMO Srl considers fundamental for the strategic development of the company to set and maintain a Quality System in compliance with the regulation UNI EN ISO 9001 to meet the needs of its customers through the quality of its products/services. The Quality System is thought to be applied in specific to the development, production in outsourcing and sales of light alloy wheels with the goal to comply with the following points:

  • customers satisfaction in relation to the expectations, even though unexpressed;
  • products and services in conformity to the applicable rules and requirements;
  • safety of use and quality reliability;
  • Quality Control System through the support of resources available in the organization.

To this purpose MOMO Srl has implemented its own System for the Quality Control with the involvement of all functions and it constantly checks that the prescribed rules are regularly applied to all stages, from the product development to the sales and related services.

In order to achieve above targets the general Management commits itself to:

  • involve the whole staff through a constant training and information activity;
  • make available a targeted structure for this objective;
  • availability of appropriate tools and resources in line with MOMO targets;
  • a constant control on the correct application of the operating rules prescribed in the Quality Manual and related procedures;
  • periodic definition of the targets addressed to all levels of the organization and constant evaluation of the results, in order to guarantee the target to be achieved and, if needed, to determine due actions to pursue a continuous improvement of the activities;
  • periodic revision of the quality policy and integration with possibly needed target-oriented adjustments of the activities;
  • periodic revision of the goals from the general management with the aim at a continuous improvement of the activity.


MOMO has conducted a risk analysis by taking origin from the deep knowledge of the context and parties involved, in order to detect threats and opportunities in every single process of the organization.

The risk analysis has led to detect areas of possible improvement to mitigate the risk. These areas in specific are:

  • optimization of the resources available finalized to a better service to the customer and to those aspects aimed at a well-balanced management of the activity, in order to avoid the concentration of the sales volumes in a few areas such as the concentration of production to one supplier only.
  • widening of the range of products to extend the MOMO traditional supply also to the additional REDS branded range such as to new MOMO technically and stylish innovative products.
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