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LY1 1750

Feras Quartomy Wins World Time Attack Challenge

Accompanied by the thundering roar of a twin-turbo LS engine, MOMO-sponsored driver Feras Quartomy soared into Australia like a bald eagle, swooping up the title of first-ever American to win at the World Time Attack Challenge. WTAC is the world's largest time attack festival featuring an array of racers and classes, from renowned international superstars to grass-roots rookies.

Quartomy tackled this track for the first time in a baptism-by-fire performance. Despite this steep learning curve, Quartomy defied the odds, leading the Plazmaman Pro-Am class from day 1 of the World Time Attack Challenge. Feras and his all-American twin-turbo 'Vette maintained the lead throughout the series, ultimately delivering a winning 1:27:06 lap time. When asked about the challenges of the Sydney Motorsport Park circuit, Feras candidly admitted, "I felt like I had no idea where I was going... On the very last couple of corners, I thought to myself, 'I'll just send it through and see if it sticks', and it did! Being from America I am at a disadvantage not having opportunities to learn the track ahead of time. On the last lap, I don't think I learned anything, but I did go faster... But the one perfect lap, that is something that is always haunting us." 

MOMO proudly sponsors Feras Quartomy and his C6 Corvette with the highest quality safety equipment on the market, including Daytona EVO seats, MOMO 6-point Hans Harness, MOMO Mod. 69 Steering Wheel, Corsa R gloves, and Corsa Lite shoes. Feras Quartomy's racing legacy is nothing short of phenomenal. He has set track records across the United States, leaving his mark at prestigious events like Super Lap Battle, Global Time Attack, and Gridlife. Now, with his triumphant win at the World Time Attack Challenge, he has solidified his status as a global racing sensation. There is no doubt Feras will be back to Sydney in the future for that one perfect lap, but in the meantime, he has plenty to celebrate with his Plazmaman Pro-Am class win. 

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